Kleiner Einblick in den Englisch – Unterricht (3. Klasse)

Die Texte, geschrieben von der 3. Klasse in Englischunterricht, nehmen Sie mit auf die Reise vom Hut, der von Lailas Kopf fliegt. Ein grosses Kompliment an die Autoren.


It’s Friday.

Alina is in the zoo. She’s wearing a hat. An elephant grabs the hat from Alina’s head.  The elephant throws the hat in the sea. Now an octopus finds the hat in the sea. He wants to give the hat to a mermaid for her birthday. The mermaid likes the hat. On a sunny day Alina is on a ship with her friend Alexandra. They want to have a picnic on the island. Alina sees the mermaid with her hat. Alina jumps in the water and swims to the mermaid. “Excuse me, that’s my hat. Can I have it back, please?”

“But it was a gift”, says the mermaid. Alina tells her what happened.

“Okay, you can have the hat back”, says the mermaid. She gives the hat to Alina. She and her friend and the mermaid become best friends.

Corinne und Natascha


The hat falls into the water. A captain find the hat in the water. He puts it on but it falls back into the water. A boy finds the hat on the beach. The next day it’s very windy. The boy is in the mountains. The hat flies in Layla’s mailbox. Layla finds her hat in the mailbox.

Marius und Ernest



The hat falls into the water. The fisherman finds the hat in the water. “This is my new favorite hat!” Bu the hat flies away, back to Emily and Layla.

Lotta and Aileen



“Oh no, my hat!”

Ramona finds the hat in the water.

“I’ve got an idea!”

The next day it’s sunny. Ramona is eating with her friend Julia an ice cream.

Julia says: “You have a beautiful hat!”

“Thank you Julia.”

The next day Ramona flies with the airplane to the jungle. Ramona sees Layla. “Hey Layla!”

“Hey Ramona! Ou this is my hat!”

“Sorry Layla”.

Melina and Ronja


“Oh no, my hat!” The hat flies in the sea. A fisher finds the hat in his fishing net. The hat flies to the beach. Layla and Emily are on the beach and find the hat.